How to Fix the MySQL 1064 Error

After using WordPress for a while, you could have made the decision to learn more sophisticated database management. This frequently entails accessing the MySQL command line, which can result in perplexing issues like MySQL 1064 errors.

Fortunately, despite the fact that there are numerous probable explanations for this problem, fixing it usually doesn't take much effort. You should be able to resolve the database error you're experiencing rather fast after you've identified its cause.

Why the MySQL 1064 Error Occurs?

Syntax mistakes cause the MySQL 1064 error. This implies that the issue arises because MySQL is unable to comprehend what you are asking of it. However, a variety of circumstances can result in this kind of misunderstanding between you and your database.

The most straightforward reason is that you typed a command incorrectly, which prevents MySQL from comprehending your request. Alternately, you might be attempting to utilize unreadable, old, or even defunct commands.

You might have attempted to use a "reserved word" in one of your commands in prior instances. In MySQL, reserved words are expressions that can only be used in particular conditions. You'll encounter a problem if you try to use them in other ways.

It's also conceivable that your database contains some missing data. The 1064 error will also appear if you use MySQL to request data that isn't present where it should be. Last but not least, moving your WordPress database to a different server may potentially result in the same problem.

As you can see, there are a variety of possible root reasons for this issue, which might make a solution challenging. You'll probably need to test a few different solutions before you find the best one, unless you're currently transferring your database or doing something else that points to a specific cause. Fortunately, as we'll see next, none of them require much effort to carry out.

How to Fix the MySQL 1064 Error

You can quickly go on to the remedy for your particular circumstance if you already know what's causing your MySQL 1064 problem. The best course of action is to start with the simplest fix if you're unsure of why the problem occurred.

In that situation, we advise trying the next five remedies in order of likelihood.

Correct Mistyped Commands

The advantage of MySQL typos is that they offer the most straightforward explanation for syntax problems like the 1064 error. Sadly, they can also be the most time-consuming to fix. Generally speaking, the best course of action is to carefully review your code for errors.

While doing so, we advise using the MySQL Manual as a guide and double-checking anything you're unsure of. As you can expect, this can take a while, especially if you've never done this before or if you've worked with the MySQL command line before.

Replace Obsolete Commands

Some commands that were helpful in the past are replaced by ones that are more effective as platforms expand and develop. The same is true of MySQL. It's likely that one or more of your commands are no longer acceptable if you're working on your database after a recent update or if you've used an out-of-date source.

The MySQL Reference Manual can be used to determine whether this is the case. Each MySQL version's relevant parts will make note of commands that have been replaced.

Designate Reserved Words

In MySQL, if a reserved term is used out of context, it will be read incorrectly and cause a syntax error. However, by enclosing reserved terms in backticks, like in this example: "select," you are still free to use them as you choose.

You may read more about the reserved words that are specific to each version of MySQL in the MySQL Reference Manual. If you think this problem could be the root of your 1064 error, a short find and replace operation should help you remedy the problem.

Add Missing Data

You'll encounter issues if your most recent MySQL query tries to reference data in a database but is unsuccessful in doing so. It could be time to look for missing data if none of the aforementioned fixes work to fix your MySQL 1064 problem.

Unfortunately, this is another method that requires manual labor and may be rather time-consuming. In this case, going backwards and starting with your most recent question is the best course of action. Verify that all relevant data is present in each database it refers to. Once you reach the query that is lacking some data, continue on to the most recent query after that.

Use Compatibility Mode to Transfer WordPress Databases

The final fix for the 1064 problem isn't as simple as the others on our list. You will need to take extra precautions to prevent damaging your database if you're relocating your WordPress site to a new host or another server in any other case.

Utilizing a migration plugin with a compatibility option, like WP Migrate DB, is the easiest fix. By doing so, you'll be able to use an auto-detection tool to ensure that your most recent site backup and database are compatible with various MySQL versions.


Database mistakes can sabotage your efforts and potentially jeopardize the stability of your website. Understanding how to fix problems like the MySQL 1064 error helps speed up your response time and reduce website downtime.

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