Top 3 .NET Ecommerce Platforms

When starting an online business, selecting an e-commerce platform is one of the most crucial decisions you will make.

Not everyone enjoys setting up a WordPress theme and starting to sell. Many variables need to be taken into account while choosing technologies, including high performance, scalability, security, extensibility, cost, programming language, etc.

One of the reasons WordPress & Zero Up Ecommerce became so popular when picking Platform for an online store is that they have a modular architecture that allows for the installation of new features. The Good News is that, though.Additionally, Net Core offers a few pluggable/modular retail platforms.

Another essential component for any online business is mobile responsiveness, since 82% of smartphone users make purchases while using their devices to browse the web.

Since you're here, you've made the decision to use Core to create your online business.

However, selecting the finest alternative is not a simple task. Depending on your development team, building an E-commerce platform from scratch could take months. Consequently, one of the greatest options is to begin with an open source project.

I'll cover some of the top e-commerce platforms created with ASP.NET Core and accessible on Github in this article. The Top 3 Open Source E-Commerce Platform in ASP.NET Core, therefore, let we begin.


A free and open-source e-commerce platform is NopCommerce.

It is an Asp.Net Core-based shopping platform that can be completely customized.

Its modular & tidy architecture enables developers to quickly alter both the front-end interface and the back-end functionality.

The nopCommerce platform can also be used to create fresh themes and add-ons.

The best open-source e-commerce shopping cart is nopCommerce. The use of nopCommerce is completely free. It is now the most effective and well-liked ASP.NET e-commerce solution. The number of downloads exceeds 1.8 million.

A fully customized shopping cart is nopCommerce. It is dependable and very functional. ASP.NET Core-based nopCommerce is an open source e-commerce platform that uses an MS SQL 2008 (or higher) backend database. Several plugins are also accessible.


Another straightforward, cross-platform, custom e-commerce solution built on.NET Core is SimplCommerce.

SimplCommerce is broken up into numerous independent components.

Developed on.NET Core, a straightforward, cross-platform, modular e-commerce system. Product attributes, product comparison features, and product variations are a few of the capabilities offered and bundled with SimplCommerce. You can give other sellers permission to sell their goods on your website.

You may easily design your own theme or download one from the SimplCommerce marketplace. Translating it into your native tongue is fairly simple. Free shipping, with a delivery address-based shipping arrangement. Use coupons to engage your audience and increase sales.

Each state, country, or postcode has a unique tax. SimplCommerce offers a flexible way to interface with your line of business applications thanks to built-in OAuth 2.0/OpenID Connect and several administrative APIs. Thanks to everyone who has contributed, this project is possible. SimplCommerce is authorized by the Apache 2.0 license.


It is a NoSQL database and open source, free, cross-platform e-commerce software built on ASP.NET Core 2.2. It is simple to run on Linux, Windows, and MacOS. GrandNode is compatible with Docker, so you can install it quickly using Docker.

Any type of internet store can use it. GrandNode is an excellent option for those looking to sell straightforward goods. It's a solution made for users who have the highest standards. Additionally, you can produce product kits, booking/reservation goods, and auctions. GrandNode has developed into a reliable option, particularly for programmers looking to create an advanced, useful, and high-performance e-commerce system.

These open source online storefront software are excellent for getting started. In order to get a decent reference of real-time scalable applications, you can also look at their source codes.

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