The Best NopCommerce Hosting Providers

It can be difficult and time-consuming to find a trustworthy nopCommerce hosting company. NopCommerce is an e-commerce platform, to start. This implies that during sales campaigns, your server needs to be able to manage spikes in traffic in addition to processing a high volume of transactions every day. Another is that your hosting company needs to comply with the nopCommerce system and technology requirements:

Finally, keep in mind that nopCommerce uses 300 MB of RAM on average, so you will need at least 500 MB of RAM to run your website efficiently. But keep in mind that this is the absolute minimum, and in the event of an unforeseen spike in traffic, it's highly likely that you will encounter outages. For this reason, we advise selecting a hosting package with a minimum of 1 GB of RAM.

Locating a hosting company that satisfies each of these demands can be quite difficult. We conducted in-depth research, spoke with our partners and clients, and put together this guide to the top nopCommerce hosting companies to make things easier for you.

The top 3 nopCommerce hosting companies are listed in this article, along with the features that each hosting company offers in terms of hardware and software (OS, web server,.NET, MS SQL Server, control panel, SSL, CDN, etc.), security, speed, technical support, and cost.

What are the best nopCommerce hosting providers?


ASPHostPortal was launched in 2008. They are one of the best Windows Hosting in United States is This company currently supports Windows Server 2012 hosting with ASP.NET 4.5 / 4.5.1 / 4.5.2, MVC 5.1 / 5.1.1 / 5.1.2, Visual Studio 2012, WebSockets, IIS 8.5 and support the latest Microsoft technology. All of its Windows hosting services are 100% compatible with nopCommerce shopping cart

The price of Windows hosting packages is quite competitive, especially the Host One which we may recommend most here. Going through this promotional link directly and you will get FREE DOMAIN or DOUBLE SQL SPACE, the Host One Windows hosting package is $5.00/mo.

Clients can start from just $5.00/month to host NopCommerce site which is very affordable. This company also offer rich nopCommmerce hosting features. With $5.00/month, clients get 5 GB disk space, 60 GB bandwith, FREE domain, 2 MSSQL database, unlimited email accounts

The company offers money back guarantee if any of the clients fail to get the desired results. If the company does not work up to the expectations in a certain month, and the valid refund period is 30 days. In addition, the customer service is based on US and the representatives are working 24/7.


Rackspace is not your ordinary hosting provider. As one of the biggest vendors of IT infrastructure, Rackspace’s offer is high-end and, respectively, more expensive. If you go to the Rackspace website you can easily get lost in the myriad of services the company offers. But let us make it easy for you! As far as nopCommerce is concerned, all you need to know is that Rackspace offers dedicated servers and these machines mean business!

Rackspace dedicated servers are extremely powerful and high-performant. The RAM options start at 32 GB and go as high as 3 TB. The minimum storage is 480 GB provided by a 6G SATA MU SSD. Rackspace offers only fully-managed dedicated servers, which means that you are backed by their support staff.

Of course, such powerful hardware is unnecessary if you’re a nopCommerce merchant hosting one, or a handful of websites. But as a nopCommerce vendor we do partner with a few web agencies that use Rackspace dedicated servers to host the nopCommerce installations of their clients. Some of these machines cost $600 / month. This may seem expensive but when you host 50 nopCommerce installations and you have clients paying you to maintain their websites, you can see that it makes sense to have performant and scalable infrastructure at your disposal. is a dedicated server hosting company based in Germany, which was recently acquired by GoDaddy. The company has more than 5,000 business customers worldwide and hosts more than 7,000 dedicated servers.

The company has 6 global data centers located in St. Louis (US), Los Angeles (US), Miami (US), Strasbourg (France), Frankfurt (DE), and Hong Kong (HK). All data centers are connected to a multi-homed 200+ Gbit/s backbone. The majority of the data centers are ISO 27001:2005, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 compliant. The Hong Kong data center is SOC 1 Type II, SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001, and PCI DSS certified.

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