Linux Hosting or Windows Hosting, Which One is Your Choice?

When you are looking for a web hosting plan for your websites or other applications, you might be confused with diverse plans in the marketplace, especially if you are a new website master. I guess what you see most are Linux hosting and Windows hosting. And you might be hesitating about which one to go with. Maybe you have questions, like are they both compatible with your computer system? All in all, follow this article and you will find out answers.

What are Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting?

In general, we distinguish web hosting into Linux hosting and Windows hosting according to pre-installed server operating systems. If a server is preinstalled with Linux OS, it is Linux hosting. If a server is along with Windows OS, then it is Windows hosting.

Currently, Linux hosting is more popular than Windows hosting. One important reason is open source, making Linux hosting much cheaper. What’s more, Linux has a worldwide well-known community, in which hundreds of thousands of developers contribute to Linux OS and make it better.

But it does not mean that Windows hosting is not good. Instead, Windows hosting is favorite of many developers in the world. Moreover, if people would like to use ASP.NET and Visual Basic to build their sites, Windows hosting is their only option.

Next, we would like to give some suggestions on how to make a decision between Linux hosting and Windows hosting. Hope to help you guys.

Linux Hosting or Windows Hosting, Which one is Your Choice?

Some people might prefer Linux hosting because it is the choice of many website masters. Some might go with Windows hosting because of Microsoft support. However, we have to say what your website requires matters. The 2 web hosting solutions are different in many aspects. You can list out your demands and match with hosting offerings.

  • Specific Applications

If your website needs MySQL database, PHP, Perl, Python, etc. Linux hosting is better. Or if you want to build a WordPress blog, Linux hosting is recommendable. Though these databases, scripts, CMSs, etc. can go with Windows servers, it will make process harder and get worse performance.

For another, some technologies require Windows operating system. If your website needs such technologies, Windows hosting is your only choice. The Windows-specific technologies consist of ASP, ASP.NET, MS SQL, MS Access, MS SharePoint, MS Exchange, and so on.

  • Control Panel

Linux hosting and Windows hosting are different on the control panel, a tool to manage servers, websites, domains, etc. Linux hosting usually comes with cPanel, WHM, or some control panel designed by web hosts. But WHM is not available for shared Linux hosting. In terms of Windows hosting, hosts give customers Parallels Plesk, WebSitePanel or ASP.NET control panels created by hosts themselves.

  • File Names

Both Linux and Windows servers end file names with HTML and Javascript. However, Linux server files are case sensitive. For example, Home.html and home.html are different file names on Linux servers while they are the same on Windows servers.

  • Server Security

Some website masters might have a bad impression on Windows server security. But Linux and Windows operating systems could both have security holes. In general, whether a server is secure largely depends on its web host administration level. A trustworthy web hosting provider will try its best to ensure the highest level of server security for customers.

Do You Need to Consider Your Computer OS?

From above, you can see that different server operating systems result in Linux hosting and Windows hosting. Which one to choose depends on what your website needs, in which scripts (PHP or ASP.NET) play a big role. Your computer operating system, Windows or Mac, really has nothing to do with your server operating system. They are 2 different things.

Even if you are used to operating Windows operating system on your computer, it does not mean you should go with Windows hosting. There will not be a start menu just like on your computer for your or for your web host to access your website or your server. Instead, you will take advantage of SSH, web-based control panels, FTP, DreamWeaver, etc. to access your website and server. They are totally different interfaces.

Therefore, you need not take your computer OS into account when you select your web hosting plan.


Linux hosting and Windows hosting are based on different server operating systems. And server OS is different with your computer OS. There is not a right answer to which hosting is better either. It all depends on you and depends on what your website needs: ASP.NET or PHP, MS SQL or MySQL, cPanel or Plesk control panel, and so on.

After deciding your hosting preference, you can compare web hosts and pick up a premium one for your website. There are 3 recommended Windows web hosting provider if you want Windows hosting. They are ASPHostPortal, HostForLIFEASP.NET, and UKWindowsHostASP.NET. These web hosts outperform others on prices, MS features, stability, speed, and customer support.

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