What is New in PrestaShop 8?

PrestaShop 8 was released in late October and offers users a number of improvements. This blog post lists over 11 benefits of upgrading to PrestaShop 8 including increased adaptability and expansion.

Upgrading to PrestaShop 8 is not a difficult process if you are currently using PrestaShop 1.7. This is due to the fact that you completed all of your shop's rebuilding during the upgrade to version 1.7. The only thing to remember during the upgrade is a few minor front-end updates for your own components.

Why should you upgrade to PrestaShop 8?

PrestaShop 1.6 is no longer maintained by PrestaShop itself, thus if your web store is not yet running PrestaShop 1.7, you should be aware of this. As a result, some add-ons and modules can no longer be utilized in a secure manner, and no fresh modules will be created for 1.6. Additionally, the antiquated software that your store is using leaves it poorly protected. Hacking and data breaches are now more likely. Furthermore, it is getting harder and harder to maintain custom and development components. In other words, we strongly advise updating as your shop is no longer future-proof. We will be pleased to help you update your web shop in a secure manner.

The key improvements in PrestaShop 8

PrestaShop 8 features a brand-new technological stack with PHP 8 (and higher), Symfony 4, and an improved templating system as its main updates. The basic checkout procedure has also been lengthened, and there are many additional improvements, including a more user-friendly administration interface, enhanced search engine optimization, more third-party connections, improved performance, and a more straightforward sales experience.

The Benefits of PrestaShop 8:

1. PrestaShop 8 is built on the latest PrestaShop framework, offering greater flexibility and ease of use.

2. PrestaShop 8 features a new dashboard for administrators to gain deeper insights into their store's performance.

3. PrestaShop 8 leverages a new set of web tools such as React and Webpack, providing developers with even more options to customize their store.

4. PrestaShop 8 boasts a streamlined theme editor, making it easier to create new pages.

5. PrestaShop 8 introduces a new search engine optimization feature, allowing merchants to better promote their products.

6. PrestaShop 8 offers more flexibility in managing products, categories, and prices.

7. PrestaShop 8 has an optimized checkout process for an improved user experience.

8. PrestaShop 8 provides enhanced security with better protection against hackers and secure handling of customer data.

9. The PrestaShop API has been greatly improved, making it easier to integrate custom components.

10. PrestaShop 8 is developed by the community, meaning faster development and greater compatibility with other components such as PHP. The intention of the community is to release a new version of PrestaShop with every PHP update.

11. PrestaShop 8 features new password options, making the login process even easier.

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