WordPress Forum Plugin: An Easy Way to Create Forums in WordPress

Forum plugins can be a bridge for you in providing a place that can be used to gather website visitors who have the same interests and interests in one container.

Plus for WordPress users, you can easily choose which WordPress forum plugin recommendation is best for you to use. There are now many recommended WordPress forum plugins available that you can use to install for free.

To learn more in detail, you can find out in the following discussion.

What is Forum Plugin?

Forum plugin is a plugin that can make it easy for you to design and add discussion columns on your WordPress website. In addition, not only adding, this plugin can also help you manage the course of the discussion itself. The existence of a discussion forum on the website is certainly very useful for you.

Here are some reasons why this forum plugin is useful for you to try.

Why Need to Use Forum Plugin?

There are several reasons why you should consider installing a forum plugin on your website. Here's the explanation:

1. Forums can build community

By creating a place to discuss with each other and comment, it can naturally build a new community. If the website owner is able to manage it well, then this forum has the opportunity to become a large community in the future.

2. Increase website visits

Forum members can discuss with each other in the forum. Plus, if the forum theme that is followed can be in accordance with your talents and interests. This is what makes website visits increase.

3. Useful forums for SEO

When your website often gets return visits from both forum members and a long duration of visits, of course this can result in a low bounce rate value. This can also affect the SEO of a website. So, of course it can benefit the website owner from the SEO side.

4. Good for customer service

Forums can be a place to submit testimonials, complaints, customer support services and also a help center from consumers. So, you don't have to be the product/service owner who answers, your fellow members can also answer because they are members of the same community.

5. Increase customer loyalty

Finally, the main reason for using forums is to build customer loyalty. Support from a strong and large forum is one of the plus points for a product or service.

Recommended WordPress Forum Plugins

As a recommendation in making this WordPress forum plugin, here are 10 more recommended WordPress forum plugins that you can use on your website. Here's a full explanation:

1. bbPress

The first recommended plugin you can consider is bbPress. This plugin is specially built for use by WordPress users. Then in terms of appearance, it is almost similar to the menus found in WordPress.

The advantages of bbPress are in terms of ease of setting, easy to use, in management, fast and also has a clean appearance. In addition, this plugin is supported by WordPress templates without destroying the appearance of the original template. In terms of size, this plugin is small so it can be used quickly and lightly. You can create a WordPress multisite for the purposes of managing your own forum. This plugin can be installed for free with a wide selection of extensions and can be adjusted to your needs.

2. BuddyPress

BuddyPress when viewed from the features as it has on bbPress. However, what makes the difference is in the features section that can display forums like Facebook social media. Of course, for visitors to this forum it is very interesting, you can also make website visitors feel at home in the forum. The advantage of this BuddyPress is that each member can create their own custom profile, add friends, create groups, send private messages and notification system. But behind these advantages, there are several features that BuddyPress has that still depend on third parties so that users can enjoy them freely.

3. wpForo Forums

The third recommended plugin is wpForo Forums. This plugin for forums provides solutions such as being able to add forum features to a complete website but with easy and light settings. wpForo is supported with a more modern and responsive interface that can run forums effectively and efficiently. The installation process is also short, it only takes 5 minutes and the forum is ready to use. The advantage of this wpForo Forums is the system cache feature. This feature can work by storing existing forum data in the browser cache. That way, when it's opened another time, it doesn't need to take longer to load. The downside of this plugin is that the settings section is a bit complicated especially for new users and also in the addon features section which is sold separately.

4. Asgaros Forum

Asagros is a WordPress forum plugin that you can use if you want to add a full-featured forum feature to your website. This plugin is easy to do during the installation process. The settings are also fast and easy integration with WordPress. The advantages of this Asgaros lies in the content management section, user profiles, notification features, polls, ad management, moderators, multi-language, widgets, statistics, and others. If you are interested, you can directly install it. As additional information, this plugin has more than 20,000 active installations using this plugin so far.

5. AnsPress

If you're looking for an open source WordPress forum plugin, then AnsPress is the perfect solution for you to try. This plugin can add a complete question and answer forum on your website/blog like well-known websites like StackOverflow or Quora. AnsPress already supports multiple languages, shortcodes, captcha, email, notifications and much more. In addition to the question and answer forum, you can use AnsPress for purposes of creating internal question and answer forums, tickets, bug reports, FAQs, etc.

6. DW Question & Answer

Are you planning to create a question and answer forum website between members? Then the plugin solution that you can use is DW Question & Answer. If you have previously had experience in using question and answer forums like Quora, then with this DW plugin it will look similar to that platform. It also supports multi-language, recaptcha, email and the like. You can also filter messages, answer, comment or give the best answer. In addition to the above, this plugin still has many features that you can use to find out which you can adjust to the needs of your forum website. Plus, this plugin also has more than 10 thousand active installations from WordPress users.

7. Discussion Board

Discussion boards can add forum features to your WordPress website through an easy installation method. When you install this plugin for the first time, you can get 3 pages at once such as a login page, a page for users that can function as posting new topics and also a page for viewing topics. This Discussion board plugin can be activated immediately and does not need configuration beforehand.

8. CM Answers

If the plugin for the DW Question & Answer forum looks like it's on Quora, then this CM Answer plugin looks like it's on Stack Overflow. The CM Answer plugin makes it easy for users to post questions and answers as well as voting, moderation, file uploads, message notifications, access control, etc. In addition, this CM Answer plugin already supports anonymous mode. So you can use it for those of you who are more comfortable posting anonymously so that people don't know.

9. Simple:Press

The ninth plugin recommended by this forum plugin is Simple:Press. You can download this plugin for free at WordPress.org. Even though the name is simple, don't doubt its ability. Because this plugin can create a company-level forum into a WordPress website. This is certainly a plus for those of you who are planning to start creating a full-featured forum website. The advantages of this plugin are all complete, you don't need to install additional addons to add a feature.

10. WP Symposium

WP Symposium is also a recommended plugin for the last forum in this discussion. This plugin is also integrated with social media, so you can login to forums with social media accounts.


Those are 10 recommended WordPress forum plugins that you can customize for your website needs. The plugin for this forum serves to assist you in creating a forum website that is easy to create and use. Apart from the ten recommended plugins for this forum, there are still several recommendations such as Sabai Discuss, WP Discourse, Wp Forum Server, Forums from WPMU Dev, Forum Engine etc. . If there are recommendations for plugins that are more interesting in terms of features and capabilities, you can tell them in the comments column below. Hope it is useful.

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