New Improvements in SPFx v 1.10

Hi All, I hope many are aware of the new release of SharePoint Framework v1.10. I have summarized release details in a table for a quick review.
1. Extensions - Pre-allocated placeholders
Issue: Page is pushed down slightly when top header navigation (SPFx extension) is added between suite navigation and the header.
Cause: This is created by the top header extension being injected into the page when the page contents are downloaded.
This issue is fixed by locking the area with pre-allocated placeholders(50px) for optimal experience by end-users.
You can control this experience by creating an item from Tenant wide extensions list -> Host properties column.
2. SPFx for Teams - Personal Apps support
Improvements: SPFx Teams tab development started from v1.6. They are added as tabs in the Teams channel. From v1.10 SPFx, the development also involves the Personal Apps in Microsoft Teams based on User context rather than a tab in Teams channel.
Proposed: We can specify this webpart manifest, whether it should be in SharePoint Webpart, Teams Tab, or Personal Tab in Teams.
3. List Notification API
Improvements: Whenever a new item is added to the list, the webpart displays the item dynamically without refreshing.
4. SharePoint Framework for Office - starts with OWA
Improvements: Extend the Outlook experience with SharePoint Framework development. For example, a user can add attachments from a SharePoint Library by creating a simple panel extension. Currently, this works with full support of REST API and Graph API.
5=>Search Suggestions
Improvements: No longer associated as SharePoint Search, it is now Microsoft Search and so it is displayed in Top bar.
Query is passed to Search API and results are displayed based on the word even with translation support.
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